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Payroll Mistakes That Are Easy To Make...

Capturing accurate time and attendance data and managing the process to get this information through to payroll can be labour-intensive and prone to error if handled manually.

A couple of mistakes that are easy to make:

1. Poor time sheet tracking

Despite living in a digital age, over 25% of businesses are still using paper or a spreadsheet to track employee work hours.

Paper-based systems require a lot of administrative time. This can open doors for human error and time theft, with employees easily able to fudge their shift start and end times or break times.

An automated time and attendance system simplify and streamlines your time sheet and payroll process, providing quick, easy and accurate employee time sheet information.

2. Incorrectly calculating awards and entitlements

When you have various staff working different shifts and on different awards, it is easy to make mistakes with pay.

Failing to comply with wage regulations can come down to inaccurate time reporting, lack of workforce data or miscalculation of employees.

Setting up your employee details correctly at the beginning can prevent miscalculating the correct wage. If you are unsure if they are on the correct award, receiving the correct entitlements then we are here to help. All you need to do is ask:

3. keeping up to date on legislation

Laws around payroll and wage regulations are constantly changing, and it’s important to always stay on top of workplace laws.

One way to ensure compliance is to create a calendar that reminds you to check for updates to all relevant laws regularly or one of the perks of outsourcing your payroll means you don’t need to remember we do that all for you!

If you have any questions or need some advice don’t hesitate to ask.

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